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It is taken from Theobroma Cacao beans which contain 50-70% of it. It is obtained by hot pressing beans once or twice through hydraulic press. If instead cocoa butter is extracted through solvents, you get an inferior quality product. To produce chocolate cocoa butter is melted twice to eliminate impurities whereas for pharmaceutical use it is filtered through flannel cloth.




Cocoa butter is physically different from common fats for its stiffness and fragility. It does not touch oily and has got as pleasant smell and taste as cocoa. It is composed by the following acids:

Palmitic acid 24.4% - 26.2%

Stearic acid 34.4% - 35.4%

Oleic acid 37.7% - 38.1%

Linoleic acid 2.1%

Despite the saturated acid fat elevated percentage, only 2% triglycerides are saturated, while more than 4/5 fat is made up by glycerides containing 2 saturated acids and 1 unsaturated one.




Cocoa and cocoa butter help maintain our heart healthy thanks to flavonoids, pigments which are present in plants. They have antioxidant properties, lower LDL cholesterol level and prevent platelet aggregation, a decisive step towards arteriosclerosis. Cocoa consumption seems to protect the skin from UV damage, improving its moisturizing and preventing erythema. It is also beneficial for mood as it favours endorphin production, stimulating euphoric and wellness sensations and softening pain.




Like cocoa powder, it is used to produce chocolate. As it has got protective, emollient and lubricating properties, it is used by the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries for making lipsticks and medicaments.




As cocoa butter is quite expensive, adulteration is rather frequent. It is tampered with different fats: palm-kernel oil, hydrogenated or partly hydrogenated fats, Illipe fat, Japanese wax and paraffin. These blends taste like cocoa butter, but they are harmful for the organism.


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