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All our production is

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 - Wrapping and Packaging -


IncartoWrapping is manufacturing final step. A refined, delicate variety of silk embossed tinfoil is used to wrap up chocolates. For “giandujotto” tinfoil is matched with a very thin wax paper layer to prevent chocolate from sticking to it.

Our wrapping machines are programmed and equipped with printed tinfoil paper every morning.

There is absolutely no direct contact between the machine operator and the product as our staff is equipped with hygienic outfit: HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) gloves, hats and shoes.

After wrapping, the product is ready for dispatch in 10 kg boxes or packaging in gift boxes.

Sistemazionegiandujotti07Our chocolate is usually forwarded the day after its production to guarantee its freshness and unmistakable taste and aroma.


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