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All our production is

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- Blending, refining and conching -


Reparto macinazione fruttta seccaBefore processing, raw materials are stored in special thermo bins equipped with mixers which guarantee a perfectly mixed product. 

Raffinatrice cinque cilindr ridiProcessing starts taking the correct amount of raw materials using special programmed container trucks. Subsequently they are put into the blender which, 5-10 minutes later, lets out an even mixture that is ready for refining.

 Refining makes the product smooth and without granules (sugar, cocoa or hazelnut). Thanks to our machinery, we can get 22micron refining which makes our product unique.

Contenitori di stoccaggio semilavorato ridAfter refining, the product is subject to conching that still improves  it as cocoa acid remains and any aftertastes are expelled.

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