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All our production is

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The fortune of our products mainly relies on two aspects: top quality and customizing. 

We can provide you with 10 kgs. of chocolates wrapped in paper bearing your name, logo or whatever your creativity can devise. 

We have been able to attain very good results that not long ago were almost unthinkable; this has been possible thanks to our passion, perseverance, commitment and the choice of innovative machinery.

Printing on embossed tinfoil is quite complex and up to some years ago it was possible to get it only for very large quantities (200 kgs. of customized tinfoil; each kg of chocolates requiring about 30  grs. of paper) and elevated costs.

You can choose your own personalization and change it whenever you want with just a minimum additional cost. Ten wrapping and six printing colours are available.

As the wrapping portion suitable to be printed is quite small, our graphic designers are always ready to adapt your logos to sharpness and printing needs.

Gift boxes and packs can be customized with serigraphs, hot press, colour or sepia pictures. The picture of your premises, your logo or your favourite painter’s work can become the best way to make a smart box really unique.

Choose your own customization, choose to be unique!

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