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Little Giandujotto is produced in six different tastes, from dark to sweet and creamy,  to be new and original forever. 

Wrapping is available in twelve different colours and printing in eight colours. Customizing is possible even for 5 kilograms. 

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Loose Little Giandujotto

Classical Little Gianduiotto

Classical little Giandujotto

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Cocoa little Gianduiotto

Little Giandujotto flavored cocoa

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Milk little Gianduiotto

Little Giandujotto flavored milk

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Dark little Gianduiotto

Dark little giandujotto 63% cocoa...

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Coffee little gianduiotto

Little Giandujotto flavored coffee

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Hazelnut little Gianduiotto

Little Gianduiotto flavored hazelnut

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