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Box Grs 64 mixed little eggs

Box 8 mixed little eggs
Box 8 mixed little eggsBox 8 mixed little eggs
Box 8 mixed little eggsBox 8 mixed little eggs

Transparent original packet letting you see chocolate wrapping . It contains 8 personalized little eggs weighing 8 grs each. Four different kinds of little eggs  and four wrapping colours are available. A label showing all technical details as required by current regulations is present on the back of the box.

Ingredients : You can choose among six available little eggs tastes. For the ingredients see description of loose product.
Dimensions and weight : Length 200 mm. Width 40 mm. Height 20 mm. Weight : 64 Gr.
Colors available package : Transparent.
Colors wrapping available : Gold, yellow, green, light green, pink, salmon, orange, blue, light blue, violet and silver.
Printing colors available : Golden, silver, blue, brown, black, green and red.
Minimum order quantity: 100 pz.
Durability : 12 mounths.
Retention Policy : Ideal storage temperature 18°-24°. Keep cool and dry.

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