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Cocoa Giandujotto

Giandujotto flavored cocoa
Cocoa giandujottoCocoa giandujotto
Cocoa giandujottoCocoa giandujotto
giandujotti colori incarto4
giandujotti colori stampa7


Aromatic, pungent chocolate in which cocoa flavour is very strong and competes with the delicate aroma and taste of P.G.I. Piemonte Hazelnut.

Ingredients : Cocoa paste (33%), Piemonte hazelnuts I.G.P., Sugar, Cocoa butter.
Dimensions and weight : Length 50 mm. Width 18 mm. Height 25 mm. Weight : Gr. 10
Colors wrapping available : Golden, silver, blue, brown, red, pink, black, white, orange, green, lilac and deep green.
Printing colors available : Golden, silver, blue, brown, black, green and red.
Minimum order quantity: 5 Kg.
Durability : 12 mounths.
Retention Policy : Ideal storage temperature 18°-24°. Keep cool and dry.

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